Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Watchmen Title Sequence Analysis 

As another area of reference for my title sequence, I decided to study the movie The Watchmen (Zack Snyder, 2009) title sequence, co-produced by Yu-CO and the film director. The Watchmen title sequence could again be considered as revolutionary to the film industry, experimenting with a new style of titles never used before. 

The title sequence experimented with a variety of different editing techniques to create a stylish and retro sequence. Slow motion is used throughout the entire sequence to introduce the audience to the characters seen in the movie, as well as the time period it is set in. The slow motion also emphasises how time has passed, showing the progression of historical events leading up to when the movie is set. These historical events are also used to introduce the main plot of the movie, featuring the main characters in events such as the JFK shooting. 

The non-diegetic soundtrack of the title sequence is a song written by Bob Dylan. This is a prime example of contrapuntal sound as the music sounds quite happy, contrasting to the constant violence and death featured in the title sequence. The music is also acoustic and uses harmonica, which suggests that the film will either take place in or reference older times before extensive use of electricity and technology. The artist of the song is also incredibly popular amongst an older generation, so appeals to those who feel a sense of nostalgia towards the music. It is also again sets a possible time period for the film as it was popular in the 60s

In regards to the typography used, the font is very bold bright. This could be considered as conventional for most superhero movies. The colours used for the font (yellow and red) also stand out and immediately attract the attention of the viewer. 

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