Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Brief Changes

Changes to original brief-

Prior to producing the props, we discussed as a group whether there were any details wanted changed from the brief. We eventually decided to change the character names:

We changed 'Damien' to 'Damon' to avoid familiarization to any biblical or anti-biblical figures.
We then changed female protagonist 'Hannah' to 'Anna' to add some uniqueness to her name, as Anna is less common.
Following this, we changed the names of characters 'Rob' and 'Harry' to 'Jared' and 'Sid'. This was because their characters were originally self titled (Robert Conner and Harry Arnold), however we didn't want to appear unprofessional in this sense so decided to give the characters their own titles.
Finally, we changed the antagonist's name entirely from 'General John Reckson' to 'Terrance Samuels', as we all felt that the first name seemed more suited to a sci-fi film.

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