Wednesday, 30 March 2016

First Filming Session

On our first day of filming, we managed to film the key scenes that will depict the three main protagonists' faces to help the audience identify them as significant characters. These include stills of the characters' criminal mugshots as well as their criminal records stating all of their previous offences as well as their names and current status from the government's perspective.
We also decided to film a scene depicting a public execution, in which Robert plays the role of a governing official while I play the role of the civilian being executed. This is a significant scene as it shows how oppressed our characters are by governmental status, and how this oppression affects the country as a whole. This is the overall plotline for our film, and so this one scene emphasises that. This also helps to set the scene as our audience can now recognise this as a dystopian society in which the governing bodies dictate over oppressed civilians.

Myself and Harry also went on to film a scene in which the antagonist looks over and signs the documents of the three main characters, however this scene is not canon nor necessarily significant and thus may not be included in the final edit of our sequence.

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