Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Second Filming Session

Execution scene:

Upon watching our execution scene on a monitor, all three of us decided it would be best to reshoot this scene. This scene required multiple takes, as each time we filmed with the go-pro we always ended up accidentally getting unnecessary scenery in the shot that shouldn't have been in the frame. This scenery would constantly distract from the execution itself. We then decided to film it up against a brick wall with barely anything surrounding it. We also decided to use a DSLR camera to capture this scene , as we could then watch our footage back on the spot, rather than having to go back to the Mac rooms to check our footage on an iMac.
When we came to watching this scene on a monitor, however, we noticed that Robert accidentally looked at the camera every so often throughout the scene. I, as editor, then went on to cover this up for the first draft and final sequence of our titles.

Other developments: 

Further on in this day, we produced the final copy of our filming schedule, and then proceeding in filming on these days

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