Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Editing First Draft - 1 - establishing shot

When I had a second go of editing together a first draft for our sequence, I felt a lot calmer and had an idea of what I wanted to do with the footage we had.
I started off by selecting the opening clip of our title sequence, a high angle shot of Damon filming weaponry on a camcorder as a threat to the government, and filtered it with a blackened tint so that it looked very dark and mysterious. I saved this filter as a pre-set to refer back to this when editing the scenes set in the same room as this one.

I then used a fade transition to the next scene and realised I could add in blank spaces, allowing me to fade in and out of a black screen throughout the sequence. I frequently used this as the main transition in our titles, as I felt this emphasised how dark and depressing the atmosphere of our sequence was. It also added ominousness to each upcoming scene, as it keeps the audience on edge for what could happen in the next scene, and gives a brief pause per scene for the audience to consider how they feel after seeing each shot.

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