Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Fourth Filming Session

On the fourth day of filming, we all met up collectively outside the main entrance of the school before heading to where we planned to film first, this being an alley with private garages off of Berwick rd.

As we went to our location, we met up with Julia and Emily who politely volunteered to aid us in our filming session that day.

On this day we would be filming the scenes that provide the base narrative for the plot of our movie, a dystopian world controlled by an oppressive government. these scenes included:
1) a homeless man begging
2) a Molotov cocktail (fire-bomb) being thrown by Damien
3) a scene of us preparing weapons that represents the protagonist readying himself to rescue his kidnapped daughter

Julia was also a media student, and both Julia and Emily also studied art subjects, so were able to input their own opinions on each scene and help us achieve the shots we were aiming to take. We also experimented with multiple shot types and angles, allowing for me to cut these scenes together when editing to show off our array of skills used when filming and editing. This was probably our most successful day of filming, as we managed to film all of the key scenes for our sequence

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