Sunday, 10 April 2016

Editing First Draft - 7 - Anna Clarke

The next scene I edited was Anna Clarke's criminal records. This one was edited slightly differently to the others.
We didn't shoot any footage of the character Anna Clarke, as she is supposed to be introduced later in the film and we wanted to maintain this mystery and allow the audience to come up with their own suspicions and ideas of who she may be. So when editing her criminal record footage, instead of flashing up with an image of her mugshot, I used the footage Robert had taken of the forest area. I lowered the Hue to make the scene look darker, more eerie and threatening. I also increased the speed of the footage slightly, making it seem as if the person is running away from someone hunting them.
I also lined the footage up with the beginning of the guitar solo from the non-diegetic soundtrack we had chosen, giving this scene a bigger impact and shocking the audience both visually and audibly with this immediate scene
Original Footage

Edited Footage

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